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It is the mission of Metro East Every Survivor Counts

to address multifaceted forms of oppression and end sexual violence by empowering survivors through person-first services and community engagement.

Metro East ESC covers a two-county region and serves urban, rural, and marginalized populations. The agency provides counseling, medical and legal advocacy, professional training, and prevention education. Our inclusive services focus on healing through empowerment, are covered by absolute privilege, and are free and confidential to survivors and non-offending significant others.   

Metro East ESC offers free and confidential services and crisis interventions for survivors, with in-person and virtual options available. Options for ongoing support as well are offered and training can be provided to the community to help reduce sexual trauma through education. Metro East ESC continually strives to enhance the lives of survivors by guiding them through medical and legal processes, trauma, and other needs they may have in a way that allows them to make safe, empowered choices.  

Metro East ESC mission aims to expand growth and strengthen the ability to support survivors by seeking opportunities to expand knowledge outwardly to communities to end sexual violence through supportive services with varying backgrounds and experiences. It is our mission to provide comprehensive services through the lens of empowerment and understanding and will focus on the unique needs and strength of each survivor. Metro East ESC takes a trauma informed approach to services and provides foundations for which can promote safety, trust, choice, collaboration, cultural relevance, and empowerment. 


Jennifer Tiemann

Executive Director

Erin Jurke

Program Manager


Dorothy Mitchell

Counseling Coordinator

Ella Huppert

Community Relations Specialist


Metro East Every Survivor Counts Board of Directors

Amy Signore

Chair Person

Deanna Eason

Board Member

Jenn Bruns

Vice Chair Person

Meghan Solosabal

Board Member

Rachel Neuner


Michelle Mynx

Board Member

Kristen Bauman


Erin Tendick

Board Member

Nancy Mudd

Board Member

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