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Medical Advocacy

Medical advocates are available 24/7 to assist survivors in the Emergency Room. An advocate acts as a liaison with healthcare professionals, provides crisis support, and ensures the survivors' needs are met. We aim to empower survivors to make individualized choices by explaining the medical and legal options available to them.  

Highly trained medical advocates are on call 24 hours a day to provide in-person crisis support to survivors of sexual violence at nine Metro East hospitals. Medical advocates assure survivors' rights and needs while at the hospital. Medical advocates can also assist with medical needs after a hospital visit.

  • Provide crisis counseling 

  • Provide information about medical concerns and the right to treatment 

  • Provide information about legal rights and options 

  • Help communicate with hospital staff and police 

  • Assist with immediate needs such as transportation, shelter referrals, or clothing 

  • Help connect to other services such as counseling 

  • Assist in accessing follow up medical treatment such as emergency contraception or other pregnancy options

  • Assist in resolving hospital bills you may have received for emergency treatment (survivors should not be billed)


Legal Advocacy

Metro East ESC does not provide legal advice. However, legal advocates can explain a survivor's options. We support all sexual assault survivors whether or not they want to report the crime to law enforcement. Legal advocates assist with any services that relate to the justice system. These services can include: filing for a protective order, filing for Crime Victims Compensation, accompaniment while filing a police report, and explaining the criminal justice process.  

Metro East Every Survivor Counts (ESC) is here to support survivors throughout the legal process. We can help navigate the criminal justice process and discuss alternatives to the criminal justice system, such as civil remedies. 

  • Provide information about legal rights and options, including information about relevant Illinois laws (ESC legal advocates do not provide legal advice) 

  • Accompany survivors to file a police report and/or meet with law enforcement 

  • Help file for Crime Victims Compensation

  • Assist in filing a petition for a protective order against the person who perpetrated the harm

  • Provide referrals and support for services

Please reach out to our 24/7 Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline (618-397-0975) to request to speak with an available advocate.



Our counseling services are free and confidential. Metro East ESC provides
counseling services to survivors (age 4+) and to a survivor’s significant others. A
“significant other” is anyone the survivor identifies as their support person. Sessions
are focused on personalized goal planning to improve emotional well-being and
healing. In-person and telehealth options are available.

Counseling services are offered to survivors and their non-offending loved ones.
Youths ages 12-17 can receive some counseling services without parental or guardian
consent. In-person, phone, and video counseling are offered.

All of our services are client-led. We understand that every survivor's path to healing
is different. Our counseling services begin with building a rapport and creating a
safe environment to help facilitate healing.

Survivors do not have to talk about the abuse if they choose not to. Some things that
we can provide without discussing details of abuse including safety planning and
education on trauma, coping mechanisms, and identifying triggers.

• Individual Counseling

• Group Counseling
• Family Counseling
• Couples Counseling
• School-Based Counseling (upon request)
• Art as Therapy
• Play Therapy

Please reach out to our 24/7 Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline (618-397-0975) to request to speak
with an available counselor.



Participants in prevention education classes learn how to identify elements of rape
culture, identify and reduce risk factors, and become agents of change within their
communities. Each session is developmentally appropriate, highly interactive, and
tailored for each group. Our curriculum is evidence-based, and we work to include
multiple learning styles and educational best practices. Classes and workshops are
available for kids, teens, community members, and professionals. All Prevention
services at Metro East Every Survivor Counts (ESC) are free and confidential. All
services are provided by trained staff. We provide education & training to individuals
of all ages.

Our awareness education provides community members with more awareness of
issues relating to sexual violence.

With over 40 years of experience, ESC is well-suited to provide professional training
to enhance knowledge of sexual assault, its impact on victims, and resources for
survivors of sexual violence.

Education Topics:
• Safe vs. Unsafe Touches
• Healthy/Unhealthy/Abusive Relationships
• Rape Culture
• Title IX
• Consent
• Healing Species Compassion Education
• Sexual Harassment
• Teen Dating Violence
• Sexting
• And more!

Please reach out to our 24/7 Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline (618-397-0975) to request to speak
with an available preventionist.


Information and Referral

Our agency provides assistance to survivors and their non-offending loved ones with locating
resources. Our advocates and staff work one-on-one with the survivor to identify their needs
and utilize the resources that are in their local community.


Some examples of assisting clients
with locating resources with their local community are:

• Assisting with scheduling appointments
• Assisting with setting up and planning transportation, including routes
• Assisting with filling out documents or job applications
• Assisting with finding shelter and/or housing
• Assisting with locating rental and/or utility assistance
• Providing direct referral to any other needed service within the agency or outside the
agency, if and when necessary.

Please reach out to our 24/7 Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline (618-397-0975) to request to speak
with available staff.

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